Shepherd's Purse For Children - New Covenant Christian Fellowship


Shepherd's Purse Association For Children (SPAC) has established itself as a national organization by branching off as its own entity.  The vision of SPAC has grown from a local concept to one that has been gaining recognition across the nation.  


  • To see illness, disease, poverty, illiteracy, hunger and all other afflictions eliminated from the lives of children.

We believe that poverty is the root cause for many of the problems such as poor education, illness, disease, low self-esteem, illiteracy, etc.  SPAC is positioning itself to establish several locations throughout the country to maintain a positive influence in impoverished communities and to declare that with God's help and good teamwork the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

What better way to show that SPAC and its partners are about bringing joy to the lives of the children than by sharing God's love for them as we hand out gifts, act out live puppet shows, and provide families with a heart warming Christmas feast.  Thousands of families have benefited from the hearts of of this association and its partners.  However, the demand for SPAC's assistance in various communities continues to increase.

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Miriam Stuart, Director

359 Clinton Ave

Albany, NY 12206

Phone: (518) 432-1137

Fax:     (518) 432-1393

Email Address: SPAC1@NYCAP.RR.COM